Facials Fort Collins

Facials Fort Collins

Any dermatologist will tell you that a decent daily skincare routine is imperative if you want to have fresh, healthy-looking skin. However, it is even better to leave this care to the professionals by booking facials in Fort Collins. Having an experienced technician handle your facial treatment will give you astounding results.

How Often Should I Get a Facial?

It is a good idea to look into luxury day spas in Fort Collins so that you can get a facial every six weeks or at least once a month. When you make it a habit to schedule a facial, you will start to see amazing results over time.

What Happens During a Facial?

For a traditional facial, there are multi-purpose skin treatment steps that may include steam, exfoliation, face masks, cleansing, facial massage, and the application of a range of lotions and creams. With all of the different types of facials available, clients have the ability to select the right treatment at their local Fort Collins day spa to achieve the results they are hoping for. If you have any specific concerns or a certain skin type, you can work with the technician to target certain areas, work on restoring or firming, and make sure that your skin is clean, refreshed, and moisturized.

Do You Need Deep Cleansing?

Even if you spend a lot of money on a great facial cleanser and you have your own regimen at home, nothing measures up to the services available at the best medical spas in North Colorado. A detailed, deep cleansing will help you eliminate toxins in your skin and reduce the amount of oil or dead skin cells that may be building up in your pores. Along with deep cleansing, many clients like to get facials in Fort Collins that include microdermabrasion. This is the perfect add-on to your facial that will help gently blast away dead skin cells lingering on the surface. Once these cells are sloughed off, you have the ability to absorb the skincare products applied, and the result is healthier, softer skin.

Here a Xanadu Med Spa, we offer a broad selection of Fort Collins facials to meet the needs of our diverse client base. If you are interested in booking a service, we can go over all of the options available to you, including:

  • Facial Masks
  • Signature Facials
  • Acne Facials
  • HydraFacial MD®
  • Four Layer Facials for Dry Skin
  • Dermalrolling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • Back Facials
  • LED Light Facials
  • And many upgrades!

There is nothing like setting up appointments for the best facials in Fort Collins. Here at Xanadu Med Spa, we have a full listing of facials and other services to give you the pampering and self-care that everyone deserves. Whether you are looking to eliminate blackheads, rejuvenate your skin, or treat the dark circles that may be developing around your eyes, we can tailor a facial to meet your needs and goals. Contact Xanadu Med Spa to schedule your appointment and get 15% off your first service by calling (970) 698-7373.

Facials Fort Collins
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Facials Fort Collins
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