Red Deer Cosmetic Surgery

Red Deer Cosmetic Surgery

Trust the Top Red Deer Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is one of the best alternatives for resolving a variety of skin conditions. A top-notch surgery procedure can help you heal and correct diseases, malformations, and trauma. Also, it is ideal to address many aesthetic issues and allow you to get the skin and body you desire.

To address your skin health issues, it is best to seek out leading Red Deer plastic surgeons. Among the options, you won't find a better alternative than Innovation Dermatology. It is essential that you know why we provide the premier Red Deer cosmetic surgery, and the extraordinary treatments we have for you.

Why Choose Innovation Dermatology?

We are the prime center of cosmetic surgeon in Red Deer, offering top-notch skincare services. We have the widest variety of medical, laser, cosmetic, and anti-aging treatments to address all of your skincare issues. Dr. Isaiah Day is one of the most prominent dermatologists in the country, and one of only a few board-certified in Canada, the USA, and the UK. We have state-of-the-art technology and an unparalleled staff to provide you with the highest quality results.

What 6-Top Surgical Treatments Do We Have for You?

  1. Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery: This procedure has one of the highest cure rates compared to other surgical procedures. It is ideal for a variety of skin cancers, especially in areas where there is a high risk of recurrence, the edges are difficult to define, and as much skin preservation as possible is required in the area.
  2. Skin Tag Removal: This minor surgery is perfect for removing skin tags that are unsightly, are in an undesirable place, or become irritated by rubbing. The procedure may include local anesthesia, cutting, freezing, or burning of the imperfection. These skin tags appear mostly on the neck, eyelids, body folds, and upper trunk.
  3. Cyst Removal: It's time to say goodbye to those pesky cysts with a top-of-the-line minor surgery. The procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and has minimal downtime. While cysts are rarely a serious health threat, they can be annoying, unsightly, and painful. With this procedure, you can say goodbye to them forever.
  4. Mole Removal: With this simple procedure, you can remove any moles or "nevi" you may have. While most of these skin malformations are harmless, some may present a cancer risk. At Innovation Dermatology we will help you evaluate them, and remove them with non-invasive surgery.
  5. Mini Facelift: this rejuvenating surgery will help you restore youth and glow to your face. It is ideal for lifting the skin of the neck, jawline, and midface. The premium Mini Facelift we offer will give you noticeable, long-lasting results in just one procedure. Besides, it is less expensive and less invasive than a full facelift.
  6. Eyelid Lift Surgery- Blepharoplasty: If you suffer from the redundant upper eyelid or lash line skin, deep furrows under the eyes, or puffiness in the upper or lower eyelids, this procedure is for you. Dr. Day is Royal College certified with specialized training in eyelid surgery and will give yours a youthful and glowing appearance.

Get a Premier Red Deer Cosmetic Surgery

If you want to enhance your appearance with the finest plastic surgery in Red Deer, you've come to the right place. Let Dr. Day and his team of experts at Innovation Dermatology help you achieve the look you desire and deserve. For expert skincare that you can trust, contact Innovation Dermatology.

Red Deer Cosmetic Surgery

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