Contestant & Sponsor Testimonials


"I have had the privilege to work with Tara Rice for over 5 years now. She is not only an awesome business women with integrity, she is a wonderful mentor to our young women, teens and girls. I 100% support her pageant productions, photo shoots and fashion shows. I am honored to not only work with her, but to call her my friend."
-Carol Lynn Sweets Jewelry Designer &  Fashion stylist

“My year as South Bay Teen USA has been a tremendous experience. Working with Tara Rice and having her as a personal coach has been an amazing learning experience. For the first time in my life I got the opportunity to work with numerous charities and give back to my community in a meaningful way. I love working with our charity Operation Blankets of Love and contributing to saving animal lives. With this title I was able to meet many influential people from charity owners to business executives, which gave me a head start in the sense that I was exposed to the industry at a young age. My year was filled with tons of excitement from numerous themed photoshoots that were published in magazines including Avant Garde August 2014 issue to red carpet events where I walked the red carpet with celebrities. I am so grateful to have been a part of the Miss West Coast Pageant and with Tara Rice by your side you can only go up! I'm also blessed to have been able to sign with a Top modeling agency in LA. Published in magazines like Seventeen and catalogs for Kohl's. Winning Miss South Bay Teen USA has opened many doors for modeling and acting career opportunities for me."
-Masha Shadchina Miss South Bay Teen USA 

"I had no clue what to expect when entering the pageant but stepped into it with the mindset of it at least being "another great experience". It surpassed my expectations. As a singer/model/actress here in Los Angeles, there are many people I encounter daily in similar fields as me, but it wasn't until I competed in the Pagaent that I truly encountered some of the most significantly genuine and personally influential people that remain in my life today and are helping me move forward step by step in confidence and security. I not only connected with some amazing women who have become dear friends, but I have connected with advisors who have guided me through important decision-making, as well as additional connections that have already taken me beyond where I could have ever taken myself alone. Thank you to Tara Rice for introducing me to people who have been able to help my career. It was not only a good move for my career, it was an encouraging experience, brought a lot of strength into my life, educated me, and was a BLAST :) I absolutely encourage others to be a part of the pageant in the future…you will not regret it!"
-Breyanne Noelle ( Ms Contestant)

"I opened my eyes and saw that to feed my family, it must take a serious devotion for supporting the community and world. By sponsoring these women, I am ensuring that the mission they're on is not undermined. I appreciate anyone who tries to help this world spin with equality. As the founder of Hollywood Stars™, I can say that you too can participate to better our world, one deed at a time. The titleholders and contestants of the Miss West Coast Pageant have been grateful for my donations and I plan on continuing to support the girls participating in Miss West Coast Productions Inc."
-Babak Sanei Founder and Owner, Hollywood Stars™

"Meeting Tara Rice and being a part of Miss West Coast Productions Team has been one of the most refreshing experiences for me. It was not long before I noticed how dedicated, caring, and passionate Tara is for motivating young women. Before competing for the first time at Miss California USA 2016, I was extremely nervous. The coaching and guidance I received from Tara has proven to be life-changing and extremely beneficial. Tara goes above and beyond to insure that you feel and look your absolute best which left me feeling so confident and in control my first time stepping on the Miss California USA stage. I owe so much of my achievement of placing in the Top 20 for Miss California USA to the dedication, love, and experience Tara has shared with me. Tara Rice is an amazing coach, and above all a wonderful person and friend. I also appreciated learning from Brittany Wagner Miss California United States 2015 & 1st Runner up Miss California USA at the Miss West Coast Pageant training days. Furthermore, as a contestant in the Miss West Coast Pageant I received some great prizes from the sponsors and shot with some talented high fashion photographers in Malibu. I can't wait to compete again in 2016! "
 - Alexis K. Brown, Miss Regional West Coast, Top 20 Miss California USA 2016

"I met Tara Rice, the Founder and Director of the Miss West Coast Pageant USA two years ago. She has a passion for teaching teens & young women how to become leaders. She is the former Miss USA Queen of the Universe 2013. I have spent a few seasons working with the Miss West Coast Pageant and I have witnessed some of the young ladies and teens enter into the pageant with low self esteem then after working with Mrs. Rice those same girls walk with their heads held high from discovering their true value. She teaches them public speaking skills, how to have a successful interview and walk with posture and confidence. Pageantry with Tara is truly a story of empowerment, stated Ornelas."
-Robert Ornelas videographer