Contestant & Sponsor Testimonials


"Our first successful pageant “in person” during COVID-19. Tara managed to get a really good support system together to keep the pageant organized, safe and covid free! Her system comes highly recommended by peers, for many reasons!"

“Tara Rice & this spectacular event she puts on, is amazing. I’ve witnessed my daughter blossoming under her wing for 2 years now. The experience has been such a dream come true. Miss California United States Rocks!"

"Director Tara is great at developing self confidence in the girls. She works with them to feel included and the best versions of themselves. The girls gain confidence in public speaking, appearances, and help with community service. Tara works really hard to prepare the girls to be the best they can be for all areas of their lives. My daughter had a great experience participating in her pageant. The participation prizes and events were great, too."

"For the past 2 years, I have absolutely loved the Miss California United States system. The director Tara Rice is extremely professional and organized. She takes her time to work with each contestant, to make sure that they feel well prepared for the pageant. A lot of pageants are unorganized however, this production is very well organized and the quality is superior. You will definitely have a great, life changing experience running in this pageant. I would definitely recommend this pageant, and director to anyone who is looking for a fun and memorable experience. Even if you don’t have experience in pageantry, Tara will 100% spend a lot of time with you to help you with your walk, interview, etc. This pageant is definitely worth it for girls/ women, of all expertise and I would definitely give it a shot if you’re second guessing yourself."

"TTara conducts such an amazing pageant and provides such an amazing experience for her contestants. By far the best pageant I’ve attended! She is very attentive to her contestants and ensures she gives them the time & attention needed to be successful."

"The Miss West Coast Pageant was such a life changing experience that began such a beautiful journey in LOVE and giving to all in need especially myself. Tara Rice is an exceptional director that holds in incredible amount of space for us all as we rise and step into our power. As Ms West Coast 2020 it is an honor to be a part of such an inspiring and supportive sisterhood."

"This is the best pageant I’ve ever seen! Tara Rice is an incredible director! She is so caring and is truly the best."

"Tara Directs one of the best pageants I have ever competed in! She puts 110% into her pageants everytime, and every girl walks out feeling like a winner! Tara takes time with every girl competing and really gets to know them. Each pageant is provided with good bags provided by sponsors she works hard to find, rehearsals, and limitless Fun! Tara is a passionate, supportive, and simply an amazing Pageant director!"